Home-School Partnership

Our Home-School Partnership is vital and it is our aim to continue to strengthen this by bringing families and the school closer together to assist children in their their learning. 

As a school we report to parents and the community via school reports, informal one to one meetings, school interviews and sharing our learning evenings. Having in depth knowledge of how your child is doing in their assessments and learning is essential for their success. For example:

Questions to ask your child after school

Having a shared language makes it easier to talk to your child/ren about their school day. Asking and answering some of these questions each day would give you a great insight into how their learning is going, show to your child that their learning is important to you and support your child to develop their oral language and metcognitive skills by reflecting on their day.

How did you show respect today? (listening to the teacher, taking care of equipment, being careful around other people, showing kindness, saying nice things to people, using my manners, replying to people when spoken to, treating others how you would like to be treated)

How were you resilient today? (did you keep trying when something was hard / when you wanted to give up? Did you do anything today that you have never done before? Were you brave? Did you do anything today that made you nervous / worried? Did you notice anyone else giving up? Did you help them? How did you help them?)

How were you responsible today? (did you bring your book bag home? Did you bring all of your belongings / uniform / lunch box / drink bottle home? Did you tidy up things you were playing with? Did you help the teacher with a job? Did you take anything to the office? Did you take anyone to the sick bay? Did you help someone in your class with anything? Who took the rubbish to the bins from your class?)

Happiness and wellbeing

What did you do at the pool today? (flipper boards, noodles, duck, balls, yellow frog board, get safely down the ladder, walk around the pool, watch from the side, put my feet in)

What equipment did you play with at morning tea / lunch? (basketball, soccer ball, hula hoop, skipping rope, rainbow ball, cones, chalk, netball hoops, basketball hoops)

Where did you play at morning tea / lunch time? (field, junior courts, senior courts, barn, outside of my classroom, around the hall, on the hill, in the tunnel, on the senior playground, junior playground, green slide (jnrs), yellow slide (snrs) on the climbing frame (snrs), monkey bars, outside the staffroom on the library steps, hall steps, in front of Room 9/10, behind Room 9/10 on the field, in the library)




Te Reo


Mrs Rebecca Osborne, our Kiwi Team Leader hosts two New Parent Meetings every term.

Click here to view her slideshow.

Access to parenting courses

We have access to a wide range of parenting courses and envourage all parents to attend workshops on how to best meet the emotional and social needs of their children. If you are interested in finding out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child's classroom teachers or our SENCO, Miss Abbi Cardno.