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Phone:  09 444 8493, press 0 to leave a message 

Email:  absent@target.school.nz

Text:  021 0840 8820

HERO app:  select "Report An Absence" on your Hero app main page

(please remember to include your name, child's name, room number and reason for absence) 

Before & After School Care


A Plus is located on the school grounds. It is managed by a Leanie Thomsett, whose two children went to Target Road School.


Hours: 7am to 8:30am - Monday to Friday

Morning Care Price: $10.00


Hours: 3pm to 6pm - Monday to Friday

Price: $12.50 - $24.00

Afternoon tea and home learning included


Website: http://aplus.kiwi.nz/

Call: 09 443 5386

Booking Form

Bicycles & Scooters

We encourage cyclists (bicycle and scooter) with helmets secured correctly. 

Any younger children riding to school should be closely accompanied by an adult. 

Cycles and scooters are not to be ridden in the school grounds and should be stored in the designated bike and scooter stands.

Caregiver Portal

HERO allows schools (teachers, students, and families) to view and share content anytime, anywhere on any device. The software is secure, easy to use and brings together all school information in one place. 

With Hero, you have the ability to:

- read and comment on posts relating to your child’s learning

- view information on your child’s progress and goals,

- read and comment on school notices sent to the class or groups your child is part of

- respond to school notices such as surveys and trip permission requests

- view school term dates

- view a school calendar of events

- notify the school if your child is absent or late

- navigate to other school-related webpages

- customise your account by adding a profile image

- select how you wish to receive notification

Download the Hero App today - Scan the QR Code above or go to the HERO website - click Log In then New User.  Here are the steps to sign in to your HERO account.

Please note, the school must have your correct email address in our system for you to be able to see your children's work and learning goals.


Target Road School is situated on a very busy main road and for the safety of our children, families and staff, we urge you to park along neighbouring streets and walk your child to school.

Please use the designated controlled street crossing and when you need to cross the roads.


Electronic Surveillance (CCTV) has been installed at Target Road School.

The reason for installing CCTV is to reduce and prevent crime at our school and to improve public safety and is not used to undertake surveillance on individuals or groups.

CCTV at Target Road School is used in a manner that complies with relevant legislation and policy including the Privacy Act 1993, this Policy and the Policy on Crime Prevention Cameras (CCTV) (New Zealand Police, 2003).

Concerns & Complaints

Guidelines for Informal Complaints

Our primary goal is to create the best learning environment for the students of our school. We encourage open communication and prefer that parents come to us to talk through a problem rather than discuss it in the community.

These are recommended guidelines for parents making informal complaints.

If an informal meeting does not resolve your concern or complaint, you can make a formal complaint (see below).

If a staff member is the complainant (including complaints about colleagues), the same procedure must be followed, commencing with an initial discussion with the people concerned to try to resolve matters.

The school monitors and records any concerns about student safety.
Formal Complaint

If an informal meeting does not resolve your concern or complaint, you can make a formal complaint.

In the interests of fairness, any formal complaint or serious allegation must be made in writing and resolved in a timely fashion. All parties should respect confidentiality.

Follow this process:


1. Put your concerns in writing, either as a signed letter or an email. Give as many details as possible, including details of efforts that have been made to resolve the issue. Include names and contact phone numbers.

2. Send the letter marked Confidential to the school principal or, if the complaint is about the principal, to the chairperson of the board of trustees. The contact details are available from the school office.

First Aid Trained

All of our administration and teaching staff are currently First Aid trained which is renewed every 2 years. This is completed with St John and covers the following:

Three staff members in the administration team has a higher level qualification, Comprehensive First Aid Revalidation, covering the following:

Hall Hire

The school hall will be unavailable for hire until 29 April 2024 due to maintenance work.

To hire our school hall, please contact Mathilda Uhrle on admin@target.school.nz 

Health & Safety

To ensure children are safe at school we ask the following:

DROP OFF: We recommend dropping children off between 8.30 and 8.45am. This ensures they have enough time to put their belongings away and catch up with friends. Children who are dropped off prior to 8.30 will be asked to go to the barn which is unsupervised. Children who are regularly dropped off early may get asked to enrol their child in After School Care.

PICK UP: All children must understand that school finishes at 3.00pm, and parents need to ensure there is a plan for pick up. All children who have not been picked up are asked to come to the office so we can call home. PLEASE help us, and pick up your child on time. Walking is a great option, as there are many nearby options for parking.

Outside these hours, there is no adequate supervision

If you are arriving late (after 9am) or need to collect your child early for any reason, you must sign in/out at the office first, before going to class. You will be given a "Signed Out" card by the office team to give to the teacher.


The Library is open from 9.00am until 2.45pm, Monday - Friday.

Children are welcome to visit the library during some morning tea and lunchtimes when a duty teacher is supervising. It is often a safe, quiet place to visit if new children are feeling overwhelmed or in need of some peaceful time. Classes can visit the library at least once a week or as needed.

Lost Property

All lost property is placed in a large mobile rack situated in the resource room (located next to the office).

It is available for children and adults to look through before, during and after school.

Lunch Eating

All children eat their morning tea and lunch in their classroom and are supervised by their teacher for the last 10 minutes of the respective break time. All rubbish and uneaten food are taken home. 

Children may not share food with others due to spreading of germs, as well as food allergies. 

We have children in our school who are severely allergic to nuts, and ask that parents keep nut products in children’s lunchboxes to an absolute minimum.

Mobile Phones

Written permission must be provided from a Parent/Caregiver if they need their child to bring a phone to school.

They must be handed into the office where it is kept securely, prior to 8.50 and collected after 3.00pm.


On the second Thursday of each term, Target Road School holds a Whānau Whakatau which is based on a traditional Māori welcome, which literally means to settle.

This ceremony is our way of welcoming new ākonga (leaners) and kaimahi (staff), along with their whānau, into the Target Road School community. You are very welcome to bring extended whānau plus anyone who is important to your child as they begin their learning journey at our kura.  You will receive an invitation to the Whānau Whakatau nearest to your child’s start date.  

What to expect at the whakatau:  

Tikanga – Whānau Whakatau (Customs or Procedures) 

Tēnā koutou e te whānau

He mihi ki a koutou katoa

Tēnā koe Fina (mō tōu kōrero whakatau)

Tēnā koutou ngā kaiako

Tēnā koutou ngā tamariki

Ko ____ tōku ingoa

Greetings to the whānau/community of Target Road School

Greetings to all of you

Thank you Fina (for your welcoming speech/words)

Greetings to the kaiako

Greetings to the children 

My name is ___

Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou,

tēnā koutou katoa.


Pay Target Road Online using HERO

Download the HERO App or access HERO through your computer.

Please email office@target.school.nz for more information on setting up HERO, if you do not have access. See Caregiver Portal/Hero tab under our School.

HERO also gives you access to many options that are in development through out 2020 and beyond, including access to Finance, Community notices and Newsletters.

Pay Target Road School Online

Payments can be made directly into our bank account as follows:

School Donations

Target Road School has opted into the Donation Scheme.

This means we will receive $150 per student from the government as payment for the year in exchange for not asking parents for donations

School Hours

Stationery 2024


Visit www.schoolpacks.co.nz to order online, search for our school name, select year level pack/s and follow the prompts.

Delivery is to your home.

For orders under $69.00 freight is $6.95 otherwise it’s freight free for orders placed through Qizzle in 2024.

Prices shown in the lists below are gst inclusive.

New to TRS students in all year levels must also purchase the new arrival pack.

Once your order arrives, please bring it to the classroom teacher.


Sushi Order 2024

Every Tuesday ākonga are welcome to order sushi.

Order forms can be collected from the office, the classrooms or click here.  Please note the slight price increase on sushi rolls for 2024.

All completed orders must be at the office by 8.50am every Tuesday with the correct amount of payment (cash) enclosed in an envelope, and orders will be delivered to classrooms at lunch eating time (1.40pm). Change will be provided by the Sushi shop and will be given to the students along with their orders.

Term Dates and Holidays 2024



Travel Wise

Target Road School is proud to be a Travel-wise school. The aim of the Travel Wise programme is for our students to become safer on the road and to recognise the health benefits of walking to school. Auckland Regional Transport and North Shore City support this programme across our city.

Our students will benefit from the programme in the following ways

Why does our school implement Travel Wise?

More information about the Travel Wise programme can be found at http://www.travelwise.org.nz

The Walking School Bus

The WSB is a group of students who walk to school each morning supervised by adults. Like a real bus, the drivers stop at set points along the way to gather up more passengers. It is run by dedicated parents each day, who are also becoming fit! It is a safe way of walking and students can achieve prizes, occasional ice blocks and termly Milo and Muffin mornings, which they all enjoy. We do not have any routes at present but would love to start at least one. Call the office to find out more.

More information about Travel Wise and Walking School Buses across North Shore City can be found at: http://www.northshorecity.govt.nz

Two Minute Kiss and Go Zone