We feel best results occur when parents / whānau, students and teachers work together and support one another in a shared endeavour. The key to the success of this relationship is effective communication.

Our open door policy means that Parents / whānau are free at any time to make an appointment to meet with any of our team at a mutually convenient time.

From time to time, in a people oriented activity such as education, there will be concerns.

When these occur, it is important that all parties involved work together to obtain a solution that is mutually acceptable and best for all concerned.

Our team is always happy to answer questions or queries via email or meet with you to discuss your concerns face to face, whenever possible.

How We Share Information With You

- Newsletters

- Assembly Announcements

- Whānau Consultation Hui

- School Board Minutes / Meetings

-` Classroom Notices

- Classroom Teacher Emails

-       HERO app


HERO allows schools (teachers, students, and families) to view and share content anytime, anywhere on any device. The software is secure, easy to use and brings together all school information in one place. 

With Hero, you have the ability to:

- read and comment on posts relating to your child’s learning

- view information on your child’s progress and goals,

- read and comment on school notices sent to the class or groups your child is part of

- respond to school notices such as surveys and trip permission requests

- view school term dates

- view a school calendar of events

- notify the school if your child is absent or late

- navigate to other school-related webpages

- customise your account by adding a profile image

- select how you wish to receive notification

Download the Hero App today - Scan the QR Code above or go to the HERO website - click Log In then New User.  Here are the steps to sign in to your HERO account.

Please note, the school must have your correct email address in our system for you to be able to see your children's work and learning goals.

Reporting to Parents

We report to whānau in a number of ways throughout the year.

Traditionally, reporting to parents in most schools in New Zealand, has taken the form of a collection of written comments and assessment data produced by teachers. Reports have usually been out-of-date and therefore of little practical use by the time they have been shared with whānau, having often been written several weeks before being issued. The approach is now widely understood by educators to be outdated and insufficient, if we are to take deliberate actions and if we are to work in genuine partnership with Whānau to support the learning and progress of each child.

At Target Road School, we believe in the importance of the voice of learners, whānau and teachers as partners in the reporting process. We believe that information should be current, accurate and informative to whānau and that it should form a part of the learning process for our children.

How We Report to Parents Throughout the Year