Travel Wise

Target Road School is proud to be a Travel-wise school. The aim of the Travel Wise programme is for our students to become safer on the road and to recognise the health benefits of walking to school. Auckland Regional Transport and North Shore City support this programme across our city.

Our students will benefit from the programme in the following ways

  • Encouraging walking, scootering and cycling to improve students’ health and fitness.

  • Walking, cycling or scootering ensures our children arrive at school alert and ready for learning.

  • Enabling students to learn read safety skills and become more familiar with our community.

  • Increasing safety around the school gate and school crossing for both our students and for the traffic on busy Target Road.

  • Walking, scootering and cycling helps lessen car emissions in our environment.

  • Safe walking, Cycling and Scooter training with our Police Education Officer promote safety for all modes of travel.

Why does our school implement Travel Wise?

  • If children are driven everywhere they will expect to be driven. Walking is a learned behaviour.

  • The more we walk as kids to the shops or park etc. the more likely we are to walk as we grow up.

  • If our children build good walking or exercise habits when they are young, the more likely they are to grow into healthy adults.

  • Many children are inactive after school, as they play electronic games or watch TV instead of playing outside or being involved in sports.

  • Unfortunately, child obesity is rising in NZ and this leads to health problems later in life, such as diabetes, joint problems or high blood pressure.

More information about the Travel Wise programme can be found at

The Walking School Bus

The WSB is a group of students who walk to school each morning supervised by adults. Like a real bus, the drivers stop at set points along the way to gather up more passengers. It is run by dedicated parents each day, who are also becoming fit! It is a safe way of walking and students can achieve prizes, occasional ice blocks and termly Milo and Muffin mornings, which they all enjoy. We do not have any routes at present but would love to start at least one. Call the office to find out more.

More information about Travel Wise and Walking School Buses across North Shore City can be found at:

Two Minute Kiss and Go Zone

  • When dropping off students at school you may use the 2 minute Kiss and Go zone but you may not park there to take your child to class. Our Safety Wardens will do that for you

  • Park below the crossing if you wish to walk your child to their classroom or visit the office.

  • Students must always alight from and enter the car from the footpath side.

  • Parents and students must use the pedestrian crossing if they need to cross the road.

  • Parents picking up children are not permitted to use the school driveway and car park unless permission has been given.

  • Parents may not park and wait for their children on any yellow line or in the bus-stop.

Road Patrol

  • In Term 4 of each year, Year 5 students are given the opportunity of training to be a patrol monitor for the following year. They are then given a refresher course at the beginning of the following year. These students then become our patrol monitors.

  • This is a highly responsible job as they are keeping our children safe on the crossing, and an excellent opportunity for our students to step up and show their leadership ability.

Safety Wardens

This is a leadership role for our senior students. The two aims of our Safety Wardens are to:

  • Keep our children safe at the gate and

  • To keep the flow of our ‘Two minutes Kiss and Go Zone’ moving freely in the mornings.