Bell & Break Times

8:30 am - Classrooms are open for discussions with parents


8:50 am - First learning block begins


10:00 am - Brain food snack / Fitness


11:00 am - Morning tea - playing

11:20 am - Morning tea - supervised eating 

11:30 am - Middle learning block begins


1:00 pm - Lunch time - playing

1:40 am - Lunch time - supervised eating

1:55 pm - Final learning block begins


3:00 pm - School ends

3:00 pm - 3.15pm - Classrooms are open for discussions with parents, Monday - Friday

Children should be dropped off at school between 8.30am and 8.50am and they must leave the grounds promptly. 

It is essential that children know who is picking them up after school and where to meet them.

If children are not collected at 3.00pm, they need to line up outside the office and we will call parents.

All parent and emergency contact numbers must be kept up to date.