Our Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

Target Road School fosters pupil achievement by providing an integrated curriculum in accordance with the New Zealand Curriculum and its supporting documents. Through a range of school wide concepts teachers and students can design a programme that meets their needs and is flexible enough to ensure that areas of interest and need can be included.

School Aims

The Principal and staff will:

  • Implement learning programmes based upon the underlying principles, essential learning areas and skills and the national achievement objectives.

  • Monitor and record pupil progress using the national achievement objectives.

  • Analyse barriers to achievement and develop any appropriate strategies to remove those barriers.

  • Assess pupil achievement, maintain individual records and report on pupil progress.

  • Maintain a school library that is a vital learning component of the school’s learning community, meeting both curriculum and recreational needs of each pupil.

  • Take part in a range of EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) activities to enhance the curriculum and the learning opportunities for pupils.

  • Provide opportunities for the community to contribute to the school’s programme

  • Strive to minimise any effects that race, gender, age and ability might have on achieving equitable learning opportunities.

  • Provide equitable opportunities for all children including those with special needs (be they intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, behavioural or communicative)

Children with Special Needs

Every child has the right to learn, and the right to reach their potential, regardless of any special needs those children may have. This includes children at both ends of the learning spectrum. Effective partnership between Boards, school personnel, specialists, parents/caregivers and families will provide a strong platform for meeting special education needs. The Principal will institute appropriate special needs programmes while recognising the availability of resources and any legal requirements. Close liaison will be maintained with parents and appropriate agencies.

The school receives special education resourcing through several options.

  • the Special Education Grant (SEG). This is used to provide a support staff for students who need support to engage in learning

  • Ongoing and Reviewable Resource Scheme (ORRS). This is accessed by working in conjunction with the Ministry of Education Special Education Service. ORRS students have teacher aide hours and also a small amount of additional teacher support. Funding comes directly from the Ministry through the school’s operations grant and will be used to support ORRS students

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

The school recognises that, like all learners, gifted and talented students need appropriate educational opportunities. Gifted and talented learners are those with exceptional abilities relative to most other people. Giftedness and talent can mean different things to different communities and cultures in New Zealand, and there is a range of appropriate approaches towards meeting the needs of all such students.

  • Target Road School aims to provide all learners, including those who are gifted and talented, with an education matched to their individual learning needs.

  • The school environment is a powerful catalyst for the demonstration and development of talent.

  • The school will seek partnerships with parents, caregivers, and whānau to be involved in the decision making that affects the learning of individual students.

  • Programmes for gifted and talented learners should be based on sound practice, take account of the research and literature in this field, and be regularly evaluated.

  • Gifted and talented learners should be offered a curriculum that has been expanded in breadth, depth, and pace to match their learning needs. This will depend on availability of staff. Where possible, the special needs of these students will be met within existing classroom programmes.

  • We aim to meet the specific social and emotional needs of gifted and talented learners.

  • Provision for gifted and talented learners should be supported by ongoing high-quality teacher education.

Incorporating Te Reo, Tikanga and Taha Maori into our Curriculum

Target Road School is part of the Te Reo Tuatahi language programme being developed across North Shore Schools. In 2014 the school was heavily reliant on the Te Reo Language assistant for guidance.

Our aim is to develop a Te Reo Tuatahi Progression for students and staff to grow their knowledge and participation

The school will support the kapa haka group and actively seek skilled kapa haka tutors to share their knowledge and skills with our students.

When teachers are planning learning they will integrate a Maori perspective. Including Maori content shall be a natural extension of the learning. Teachers will actively look for opportunities to introduce aspects of New Zealand European and Maori history (including events surrounding the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi) positively, accurately and fairly, so that both sides of the story are examined.