ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages

The Target Road School ESOL programme provides a comprehensive and interactive learning programme to enhance the English Language Learner’s (ELL) use of English effectively for communication, social and academic needs through immersion in the four modes of English of listening, speaking, writing and reading.

  • TRS take the time to understand each ELLs language background, language proficiency, and experiential background. Each student and parent get to meet the ESOL teacher and the Principal before classes commence.

  • In the ESOL Programme, a number of learning tools and strategies are used, combined with technology, to support the ELL in the mainstream class.

  • TRS uses the Ministry of Education’s Ready to Read series which supports multiple pathways to literacy. The ESOL reading promotes independence with activities to build word attack skills and various reading strategies.

  • The ESOL programme focuses on numeracy to support the ELLs with the language of Maths.

  • The learning outcomes for ELLs are explicit - the ESOL programme scaffolds the learning for all ELLs.

  • TRS has clear identified learning outcomes - the teachers carefully identify what language the ELL needs to achieve success.

  • The ESOL room provides a nurturing, supportive, yet challenging environment for new learners of English.

  • Learning English is fun when it is meaningful and contributes to the student’s ability to use good learning strategies in the classroom.

  • The ESOL programme include timetables outside of the mainstream class, for the specific needs of each ELL.

Homework Sheets

The classroom teacher sets homework sheets and these may be brought to the ESOL sessions to help ELLs understand what is needed.

Classroom Topics

Classroom topics are also included within the ESOL programme. Communications with the classroom teachers is done on a regular basis. Inquiry learning is done over two terms - this challenges the ELL with language acquisition and research skills.

With the use of visuals, photos, pictures, maps and diagrams, there is plenty of opportunity for written and oral support.

ESOL Group Classes

ELLs are placed into an ESOL class with a varied and interesting programme and continued support using visual and concrete material for a varied and interesting programme.

Home Reading

Children are encouraged to loan ESOL readers to take home and share with family members. Time is allocated to check the reading levels and to conduct reading assessments.


Each child has a workbook and a scrapbook set-aside for ESOL sessions - these are available to parents at anytime.

Incidental Lessons

The ELLs may bring material and news from their country of origin to share with others - time will be given to allow for this.

Parent Information

Some useful web references for parents of ESOL children: