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Here are the 2018 School Leaders. 





Auckland Primary Principals Association President

This week I attended the New Zealand Principals Federation MOOT in Wellington. Minister of Education Chris Hipkins, Associate Ministers of Education Tracey Martin and Kelvin Davis spoke to Presidents of the different Associations across New Zealand. Pictured are Myles Ferris, President of Te Akatea – NZ Māori Principals President, Whetu Cormack- New Zealand Principals Association President and Helen Varney- Auckland Primary Principals Association President.


Below is the conclusion from our 2014 ERO Report

Target Road School provides its students with high quality education in a supportive, learning focused environment. School-wide developments are focused on improving outcomes for all students and teachers actively support students to be confident, effective learners. Students’ ideas and contributions are valued and used to shape the curriculum.

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years.


My Experience at WeLearn.
It was my first time ever at Torbay School (where WeLearn was held) and it looked stunning! I had no clue what WeLearn was, but once I found out about it, it was mind blowing. There were lots of schools, about 15 and 140+ students and 20 teachers there. There were commercial companies like Noel Leeming, PB Technology, and 3D printing companies as well, it was amazing what devices those companies brought in.
For Makey Makey, TRS had 2 workshops to present and four children. Do the math! Lots of other children came to our workshops. So I was presenting workshop 2 with Kalina, while Cody and Gio were presenting workshop 1. While they were presenting, me and Kalina went to the Google Expeditions workshop, also known as Virtual Reality (VR) and we went to Rome, outer space, under the sea, Egypt and even more. When it was time for me and Kalina to present workshop 2, we went to the Inquiry room (where our workshops were). Almost nobody was experienced, but they all learnt quickly! We got them to play Bongos and the Piano.
In case you don’t know what Makey Makey is, visit https://makeymakey.com/ or I can give you an explanation. So Makey Makey is a sort of rectangular computer board which you can connect to your computer. It comes in a box full of wires called alligator clips and a cable that connects to your computer via USB. You connect the most important wire called the earth at the bottom of the board. Without the earth, your Makey Makey won’t function. You can connect an alligator clip to the ‘Space’ button on the board, so if you hold the earth in one hand, the electricity travels through your body all the way to the other hand, making a space if you are writing something. You can use Scratch to do cool stuff with your Makey Makey.




Vector EPro8 Challenge
Luke, Polly, Hannah and I all entered the car. We were going to Upper Harbour Primary School for the EPro8 challenge - a series of trials to complete for points in a limited amount of time. The top three teams would be promoted to try in the semi-finals. I was a ‘substitute’ so I was really nervous as the other kids in my team had already practiced online. Once we made it to the school we signed in and went straight to the hall. There were four trials to choose from, the team decided to do the first one about waking a man from his bed.
There were different parts that we had to complete in order, the first part was making a bed. We picked up the tape measure and measured the poles for the correct dimensions. We completed the construction which awarded us 50 points. After completing one more part, the team was in fourth place! We moved up to second for a couple of minutes but fell back again. The time left us only five more minutes and we were determined to finish the part for 60 points, which would bring us back to second place. But unfortunately we couldn’t finish it in the amount of time and ended up fifth.
By Tymon


The Arts



Table Tennis
73 Table Tennis team came first in their grade last week. They versed players from other schools and Kahn and Tioti came first in their grade and overall the team was the winner on this night. They are unbeaten as a team this year!