Supporting your Child's Learning 


Home-School Partnership


Our Home-School Partnership is vital and it is our aim to continue to strengthen this by bringing families and the school closer together to assist children in their their learning. As a school we report to parents and the community via school reports, informal one to one meetings, school interviews and sharing our learning evenings.  Having in depth knowledge of how your child is doing in their assessments and learning is essential for their success. For example:

  • Have more equal learning-focused conversations with teachers, both formal (e.g. three way conferences) and informal (e.g. discussions before and after school).
  • Enjoy learning conversations with your child as you learn more about the way they are learning in school.
  • Access relevant infomation about how your child is progressing in their learning and in class.
  • Learn more about your child's achievements and learning needs.
  • Find out some of the ways you can support your child to meet his or her learning needs at home.
  • Access resources used in school to support your child in their learning at home.


Questions to ask after school

Having a shared language makes it easier to talk to your child/ren about their school day. Asking and answering some of these questions each day would give you a great insight into how their learning is going, show to your child that their learning is important to you and support your child to develop their oral language and metcognitive skills by reflecting on their day. 


Click here for a list of appropriate questions you could chose from to connect with your child after school.


Before your child starts school

Watch an interview with Daisy Macgregor, an experienced Year 1 teacher and our Year 1/2 Junior Team Leder By "Now to Love".

Click here to hear Miss Daisy's advice, ideas and tips to getting off on the right foot when first starting primary school.



New Parent Meetings

Mrs Rebecca Osborne, our new Junior Team Leader hosts two New Parent Meetings every term.

Click here to view her slideshow.





Access to parenting courses

We have access to a wide range of parenting courses and envourage all parents to attend workshops on how to best meet the emotional and social needs of their children. If you are interested in finding out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child's classroom teachers or our SENCO, Miss Abbi Cardno.