School Donations


Primary schools very much depend on this donation to provide each student with access to additional high quality resources such as

  • Chromebooks and iPads.
  • Books, staionery and literacy resources.
  • Maths equipment, activities and board games.
  • Library books, shelves, software and resources.
  • Musical instruments, speakers, microphones, productions.
  • Swimming pool maintenance, chemicals, safety.
  • Art supplies, paint, pastels, paper, cardboard, paste, resources, crafts, glueguns.
  • P.E gear, sports equipment, balls, fitness resources, skipping ropes, athletics gear.
  • Sandpit toys, water troughs, morning tea and lunch time equipment, playgrounds.


NB: The school donation is tax deductable. It qualities as a donation for tax purposes which means that you can recoup 1/3 of the donation through the Inland Revenue IR 526 claim form, which is available online.



We ask for:

$150 per student, each year.

$300 for families with three or more children, each year.

$20 discount if paid by the end of term 1



Online Banking - ASB - Target Road School

12 3109 0012404 00

Thank you