School Donations


School Donations

While our school is well resourced, it is necessary to generate additional income to maintain and extend programmes which allow us to continue to provide quality education. We raise income through the hireage of school facilities, Friends of the School (FOTS) fundraising and applications to various funding agencies, e.g. Rotary. We also ask that parents make the following donation:

 $100 per student ($20 every child thereafter)

 Primary schools very much depend on this donation to provide each student with access to additional high quality resources such as

  • Chromebooks, laptops, Ipads
  • Robotics equipment
  • Reading resources
  • Maths resources
  • Library books
  • Musical instruments
  • School productions
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Art supplies
  • P.E/Sports equipment

The school donation is tax deductable. It qualities as a donation for tax purposes which means that you can recoup 1/3 of the donation through the Inland Revenue IR 526 claim form, which is available from the internet.