Learning Support

Learning support at Target Road is diverse.

We offer small group learning support at each syndicate level: junior and senior. These learning support groups serve as a net to support children whose learning needs require specialist, one to one or small group intervention. The key focus of these groups is literacy learning – in particular reading, writing and maths. We have trained, experienced Teacher Assistants who facilitate groups; they have a wealth of experience and use a wide range of resources to support the learning programmes.



A priority at our school is to cater for individual learning needs for all our children.





Sunshine house is a facility where support for children is provided across a range of needs (for example) meeting special learning and physical needs, one to one or small group tuition, transitioning to school, particular needs (e.g. disabled toilet with hoist and change table). It serves also as a place where children can have respite from the mainstream environment when necessary. It is well set up with a range of resources and equipment which support children’s learning, physical safety and general well being. The small rooms in Sunshine House provide a venue for visiting Specialist Teachers (e.g. Speech Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Counsellors etc) to provide their one to one services.



Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention that provides trained one to one teaching for children who have made slow progress learning to read and write in their first year of school. Children's reading and writing is assessed close to their sixth birthday and the lowest scoring children come in to Reading Recovery as soon as a space is available.

Children are taught in a one to one situation with a specially trained teacher for 30 minutes every day for a period of about 12 – 20 weeks, depending on how long is needed. In each day's lesson they will write a story and read many books. We have one teacher that is trainined in Reading Recovery who works with a total of 8 children each day.