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Here are this weeks certificate winners!his weeks certificate winners!





Here are the 2017 School Leaders. 




On the 9th of November Lemi, Joryll, Hedy and Tina went to Northcross Intermediate to do an engineering challenge called the EPro8 challenge. We came third out of 12 teams. It was a miracle! We had loads of fun! Believe it or not, we got into the semi-finals! We got 260 points.
Target Road Nerds was our name, a really cool name... right?
Anyway, they provided the materials, and there were challenge cards. Out of the challenge cards there were 4 challenges. We chose the bridge challenge and the theme park challenge. We built a bridge that was 2.2 metres wide and 1 metre tall. We also built a contraption to make a balloon go: up 1.2 metres for 10+ seconds, up 2.4 metres, and up and over a small “building”.
Good job TRS Nerds!






Target Road School Have Their Say - Yes to a Skate Park!
Our community Police Officer Constable Penny Rusbatch needed our help.
Constable Penny has access to some funding that had been allocated to building a skate park at Sunnynook near the basketball courts. Due to the lack of feedback from our community the council seemed to think we do not want a skate park. Penny invited us to attend a meeting with councilors - George Wood and Jan O’Conner to show our communities support for the skate park.
As part of our learning inquiry last term – Turangawaewae - our children identified recreation is a very important part of our community. Therefore when Constable Rusbatch rang for help, to show support for a skate park, I agreed. I knew that a recreational skate park was important for our community because our children had told us though our inquiry.
The meeting was held today (Thursday 25 May) at 11am at the Sunnynook Community Centre, and 16 of our students attended on behalf of our school community. The children did a fantastic presentation to over 30 people to support the bid to have a skate park built. Constable Rusbatch was very grateful and wanted to hug all our students for a wonderful presentation










Below is the conclusion from our 2014 ERO Report

Target Road School provides its students with high quality education in a supportive, learning focused environment. School-wide developments are focused on improving outcomes for all students and teachers actively support students to be confident, effective learners. Students’ ideas and contributions are valued and used to shape the curriculum.

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years.

The Arts

Here are our winners from Dance Off 2017


















































The Day Of The Chess Tournament

On Tuesday the 8th of August Tymon, Harry, Joey and Keira went to a chess tournament. We got 11 points but Forest Hill A won. We were the TRS team. Tymon was 1, Harry was 2, Keira was 3 and Joey was 4. We played 6 games. 


The chess tournament was at Wairau Intermediate School. It was hard because there was a timer for us to press every time we had our turn.

The weather was alright. No rain, only sunshine. Our teacher was Mr Madjar. He drove us with his car so we could get there faster than walking.

By: Keira Wisata and Joey Huang







Rippa Rugby:

Last Thursday, 31st August, all four rippa teams went to Kaipatiki Park to represent Target Road School.  The weather was fine but the grounds very muddy.  The children enjoyed the mud as much as playing rippa.


All players once again showed outstanding skills and sportsmanship ‘on the field’, and their behaviour ‘off the field’ as always was exemplary.


The Results:

The year 3/4 girls won all 3 of their games.

The year 3/4 boys won 2 games and lost 1 game.

The year 5/6 girls’ team and Y5/6 boys’ team won all of their games.  Once again they are unbeaten in pool play.


We are really proud of all the teams, they played well and made our school proud.  It was wonderful to see so many parents and whanau on the sideline supporting our teams.


A big thank you to the coaches who gave up their time to ensure our teams did so well – Kimmi, David, and John. Also to Carol who, over the year, has been our photographer capturing lots of the action on the field.