To develop independent learners who are courageous in their pursuit of learning who know what to do when they meet barriers;
persevere to improve and will support others to do the same.

We want learners to aim high.

‘whaia te iti kahurangi’.


At Target Road School we value:

  • Respect - Manaakitanga
  • Responsibility - Takohanga
  • Resilience - Manawaroa


Here is one classrooms interpretation of our values. 

RESPECT is making others feel valued and important. It is treating each other how you’d like to be treated. It is important that we look after and respect each other, and respect our environment.


RESPONSIBILITY is being able to manage yourself, and doing what has been expected of you. It also means you are able to take ownership for something, and can accept any consequences that might happen as a result of your actions.


RESILIENCE is being able to bounce back and not give up easily when things get hard. It is finding ways to persevere through the hard stuff, and being able to ask for help if you need it.