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Board of Trustees

The board’s role is one of governance and our focus is to enhance student achievement. We are responsible for the strategic leadership of the school. We set the school’s vision and make sure that the school complies with legal and policy requirements. We meet on a monthly basis with the Principal, and at these meetings the Principal reports to us in areas of student achievement, self review and policy. Our key areas of contribution are to:

• Set and, as needed, modify the school’s vision, mission and values
• Protect the unique character/values of the school 
• Ensure a sensible and feasible Strategic Plan
• Approve and monitor the Annual Plan
• Develop and review the general policy direction
• Monitor and evaluate student learning outcomes
• Appoint, assess the performance of and support the Principal
• Act as good employers
• Provide financial stewardship
• Oversee, conserve and enhance the resource base
• Approve major policies and programme initiatives
• Manage risk
• Demonstrate a commitment to on going professional development

• Build a broad base of community support
• Exercise governance in a way that fulfils the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi by valuing and reflecting New Zealand’s dual cultural heritage

BOT elections are held once every three years. Next elections are 2019. If you feel passionately about your child’s education and want to have some influence over the way it is shaped then the board of trustees may be for you. To find out more, email me:
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Sarah Burkitt

Target Road School Board of Trustees Chairperson



Meet the newly elected board members of 2019...



37081920_10160726240310473_3194617582665596928_o.jpgSarah Burkitt - Chairperson

I live with my husband and two children in Unsworth Heights. My eldest daughter attends Target Road School, currently in Year 1, and my son will join her in 2021. I hold a Bachelor of Science with a major in Genetics, and a post-graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary); however I have not practiced as a teacher - not something I have ruled out in future though! My current professional role is within Body Corporate Administration. I've enjoyed learning the ropes of the Board of Trustees and am learning more and more each day. As a mother to two small children, I am passionate about the education and well-being of my children. I'm happy that I've been able to step up for the Board of Trustees and continue developing the current school strategic plans and policies in order to help all children in the school reach their goals and full potential. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, having adventures with the family or catching up on the latest Marvel movie (or the oldest one!!).









Katie Taylor - Parent Representitive11737916_10153515040643420_2094809725915340859_n.jpg

Katie is a mum to three children, two of whom currently attend Target Road School. She has always been interested in children’s education and previously worked as a Speech and Language Therapist at the Central Auckland Child Development Team, and at a Special School. In this role she helped children with communication difficulties and feeding issues, providing her with extensive experience in children’s education and development. Katie and her family have been actively involved with Takapuna Playcentre for several years, where she held the role of Education Officer for the centre. This involved helping parents attend Playcentre trainings and workshops. Katie has always had an interest in natural health and healthy living, and is at present working part time as a Naturopath. In her spare time she enjoys doing Pilates and Zumba.





Screen_Shot_2019-08-24_at_5.03.36_PM.pngBrent Loveridge - Parent Representitive









26238822_10159798392140142_3356011503497243337_n.jpg Mariko Rogers - Parent Representitive

I am a mother of twins, currently enrolled at Target Road School.  I am keen to ensure that they, and their peers, get the best school experience we can provide them from both an in-classroom and extracurricular standpoint.  My involvement in the board has given me the opportunity to be more actively involved and hopefully my background in operations and administration will add value to the team.  In my spare time you’ll find me either having fun with my family, with my nose in a book or indulging in macramé!









Kristie Taurua - Parent Representitive   










50422565_10155681976761805_4540637075984089088_o.jpgRebecca Osborne - Staff Representitive 

I began my teaching career in 2006 and have been part of Target Road since 2013. During my time here I have taught across year levels, lead groups of staff and mentored new teachers to our school.In 2016 My husband, older son Eli (7) and I also welcomed twins (now 3) into our family and after 18 months away I returned to Target Road as a teacher and school leader in 2018. I currently teacher a year 1 class and lead the teachers in the year 1 and 2 team. 

I feel because of the leadership opportunities I have gained at Target Road School I will be able to effectively communicate the views of the staff to the board and vise versa.

I look forward to working with a team creating new goals for our school to ensure we continue on our journey of growth; for our students, our staff, our families and wider school community.



969425_10201850587695165_1423982618_n.jpgShannan Blanchet - BOT Secretary