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Board of Trustees

Meet the school’s newly elected board members


Terry Holt


Terry is a father of two children. His son went through all years at Target Road School and his daughter is currently in year 5. He has just started in his first term as chairperson having served as deputy chair for 3 years. "My children have enjoyed attending Target school and have valued the opportunities presented to them. We are active members of the local community and embrace the many benefits of living in the area. When I was looking on the TRS website back in 2013,  I noticed that BOT elections were held every 3 years and that the next elections were coming up, It was not a hard decision to put my hand up to see if I could add any value to the Board of Trustees. My goal is simply to be able to assist in providing the very best learning environment for all of the current and future children attending Target Road School"



Janine Pringle

Parent Representitive

Janine is a mother of two, with one child enrolled at Target Road School.  This is her first term on the board. “I have a real interest in the schooling of my children, and wanting to make a difference, believing that education is one of the most important aspects of parenting.” 

Janine’s background is in business administration, where she has developed sound skills in managing people, development and support of training initiatives, client communication and month end reporting. This expertise brings a good understanding of the need for sound planning and best management practice, in the running of a successful school system.

Trish Scully

Parent Representitive

I am a mother of 3 Children, all who have been through Target Road School. With 2 Children currently still attending here.

Prior to joining the Board I helped with the FOTS (Friends of the School) Committee for a number of years. I also helped and coached, managed some school sports here over the years mainly Netball and Rugby League.

I am very family orientated and take a keen interest in my children's learning and education. I think it's important to help develop and lead the school in a better direction of learning.

Outside of school, my hobbies are spending time with my family, reading, watching Rugby League especially the South Sydney Rabbitohs and playing Indoor Netball and Touch Rugby. 



Shannan Loveridge

Parent Representitive

Photo and information to be posted soon.


Madeiline Jones

Staff Representitive 

My name is Madeleine Jones.I am the new staff representative on the Board of Trustees. I have been a teacher at Target Road School for sixteen years. During that time I have worked with various age groups in the Junior Area of the school. I job share with Pam Rowlands and work three days a week. I am a dedicated classroom teacher and get a real joy out of watching children make gains and progress in their learning. Being on  the Board will now give me further opportunity to have an active voice in the direction of Target Road School. 
I have two adult children. My son works as a lawyer in Takapuna and my daughter is currently on her OE and is working for a pharmaceutical marketing company in London. 
When I am not teaching, my other interests include going to the gym, doing obedience and agility with my dog Tilly, and going for walks along our fantastic North Shore beaches. 




What we do

The board’s role is one of governance and our focus is to enhance student achievement. We are responsible for the strategic leadership of the school. We set the school’s vision and make sure that the school complies with legal and policy requirements. We meet on a monthly basis with the Principal, and at these meetings the Principal reports to us in areas of student achievement, self review and policy. Our key areas of contribution are to:

• Set and, as needed, modify the school’s vision, mission and values
• Protect the unique character/values of the school
• Ensure a sensible and feasible Strategic Plan
• Approve and monitor the Annual Plan
• Develop and review the general policy direction
• Monitor and evaluate student learning outcomes
• Appoint, assess the performance of and support the Principal
• Act as good employers
• Provide financial stewardship
• Oversee, conserve and enhance the resource base
• Approve major policies and programme initiatives
• Manage risk
• Demonstrate a commitment to on going professional development

• Build a broad base of community support
• Exercise governance in a way that fulfils the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi by valuing and reflecting New Zealand’s dual cultural heritage

BOT elections are held once every three years. Next elections are 2019. If you feel passionately about your child’s education and want to have some influence over the way it is shaped then the board of trustees may be for you. To find out more, email me:

Terry Holt

Target Road School Board of Trustees Chairperson