Why Choose Us?

Core Subjects:

In all classes there is coverage of the seven essential learning areas:

English                         Technology                   The Arts

Social Sciences             Science                         Health and Physical Education


Additional Programmes:

At our school, students also have the opportunities to be involved in some of the sports and arts programmes.


Sunshine House:

Sunshine House is a unit attached to our school which integrates special needs students into mainstream school life.



We are a vibrant multi-cultural school where students with English as a second language receive support from a specialist teacher.


School Production:

There is no production in 2013.


Cultural Group / Kapa Haka:

Mrs Boxen and            runs our Cultural Group. This is part Kapa Haka and part cultural dance.



This operates throughout the school. This is organised by Mrs Templeton. The school collates how many students walk to school each week. The class that wins each week is announced and receives a trophy. There are competitions and prizes to be won.


Walking School Bus:

There is also a walking school bus which operates locally and is organised by parents.


Leadership Opportunities:

There are opportunities in year 6 for the students to take on positions of responsibility. These include library monitors, house leaders, assembly leaders, peer mediators, texperts and road patrol wardens.



Miss Morris often organises soccer games in the middle and senior school. Anyone who is keen to join can go along.


Rippa Rugby:

Miss Morris organises a rippa rugby team, with the help of Mr Christiansson during school time. The top team will then compete at the cluster day.



Miss Morris along with some dedicated parents run school miniball teams that compete…


In the summer Miss McGibbon and Mr Matkin run a girls and boys cricket club and the year 5 5/6 team then compete against other local schools.



Mrs Rowlands runs netball in the school. There are several teams that play in years 2,3,4,5 & 6. The practise after school and play on Saturday mornings.



As part of a senior school rotation all the year 5 & 6 students learn the guitar with Mrs Templeton. There is also the opportunity to have private lessons in school time.



Mrs McCormack comes into school once a week to take our school choir.



Year 5 & 6 have the opportunity to learn to play the recorder as part of the senior school curriculum and there is the option of learning with a specialist teacher in year 4. Learning the recorder helps teach students to read musical notes.



We have a specialist teacher that comes in every Friday to teach marimba to those students interested. Our groups often play at concerts, festivals, and at the APPA choir festival.



In the summer, an external tennis instructor comes into school and teaches small group tennis skills.


Gardening Club:

Our vegetable patch and our worm farm is having a break.


Origami Club:

Come and have fun learning the art of paper folding with Mrs Jones.